specialise in cultural diversity


We work with clients to research on the culturally diversity communities in Australia.


We provide training on cultural awareness, cultural competencies and managing multicultural teams. We also provide trailored programs.


We use our expertise to help you access the culturally diverse communities both in Australia and overseas.


Understand the power of cultural diversity

As our society become more culturally diverse, we have the best opportunity to utilise the diverse talents to drive productivity and expand market share. However there is a significant gap in which organisations understand how cultural overlay impacts on design, decision making, customer service, messaging and policy making. I have been working with organisations on how to capitalise on the diverse customer base for over a decade, by understanding how people from different cultures perceive messages, products and services.

A few things we’re great at


We help you discover deep insights from key stakeholders through research and consultation. Our team has the essential skills to connect with people of culturally diverse backgrounds and is adept at different methods of engagement to transform those insights into opportunities. We are also skilled at dealing with complexities around gender, sexuality and disability coupled with cultural differences.


We design bespoke cultural diversity training programs that are practical and meaningful to your context, ranging from working in the frontline with people from diverse backgrounds to managing stakeholders and diverse teams. Our team also has professional skills to provide one-on-one or group coaching to staff up to executive levels. The coaching and training helps accelerate change and help your organisation transition and embrace cultural diversity.


We help you develop strategies when working with people from different cultures. We have the knowledge and cultural insights that can help you make strategic decisions, but locally and globally. Our team has networks locally in culturally diverse communities and globally.


Marketing messages can easily get lost in translation when the concept is not culturally sensitive. We help you create communication messages that engage and captivate your culturally diverse stakeholders. Our team has deep understanding on how cultural differences impact on communication and messaging, which is critical in ensuring the end messages are impactful to attract potential clients or stakeholders of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Wesa is an expert in cultural diversity and has been a guest speaker for a special program run for our high achiever students during the past few years. Wesa is a pleasure to engage with, diligent, thorough, flexible and creative. I really appreciate Wesa going the extra mile to provide real value to our organisation.

Phillip Allen


Wesa has a natural empathy for people of all cultures and understands not only the benefits of cultural diversity, but also the problems that can arise when people of different culture interact.

Margaret Harrison

Our HR Company

We have collaborated in the development and implementation of numerous projects and I am always impressed with her efficiency, great ideas and her ability to pull in her extensive networks to enhance the successful outcomes of the projects.

Gary Lee

City of Melbourne

Our Team

Wesa Chau

Director & Diversity Specialist

Geoff Rowe



Senior Consultant


Why applying cultural diversity lens to everything is so important? Here’s why.

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