Key industries

Although our team has worked across the major sectors of the Australian economy, Cultural Intelligence specialises in delivering bespoke services to banks and local government.

The banking and local government sectors both have a high proportion of internal and external customers and stakeholders from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Both sectors need to engage with cultural diversity in day-to-day transactions and for specified projects.

At Cultural intelligence, we understand that all personnel in banking and local government need to work effectively across cultures and we know that it doesn’t happen without leadership, education and a commitment to embracing the benefits of cultural diversity. We know that customers and ratepayers expect banks and councils to understand and correctly interpret their needs.

Cultural Intelligence can assist no matter how great or small the need. We can work with organisations to design and implement strategies to ensure cultural competence – from strategy, governance, human resources, training, policies and procedures to operations. Or we can design a training program for a sector of your workforce or conduct social research among customers or residents from different ethnic communities.

Cultural diversity is a basis for improvement so we also provide the expertise you need to capitalise on the intelligence of your culturally diverse employees.

Whatever your goal, Cultural Intelligence can help you to recognise and embrace cultural difference and embed cultural understanding in everything you do.