Our services

Our diverse range of services aim to help you or your business to communicate with the people you need to relate to – clients, business people, institutions, members of the Australian Asian community.

Culture plays an important role in how people communicate and relate to each other. If you or your business is unaware of the values, cultural dimensions and expectations of the people you want to communicate with then misunderstandings will occur and you are vulnerable to failure.

If you want to successfully engage with people from Asian and other cultures, you need Cultural Intelligence.

Our key services

Research, including social and marketing research, among Asian communities in Australia

Cultural awareness training for managers and customer service personnel


Many businesses and not for profit organisations need to communicate with Asian communities or to gather information about attitudes, beliefs or opinions held by community members.

At Cultural Intelligence, we specialise in conducting social research in Australia’s Asian communities. We use our specialist knowledge to recruit Asian Australians to participate in focus groups and surveys to gauge perceptions about various issues, identify gaps in services, test messages and investigate any other matter of opinion or belief.

CI also conducts research to support marketing campaigns. We can support campaigns to promote products or services of behavioural or attitudinal change.

We work with your business to understand what you need to know and then we tailor our research program to meet your needs. After conducting the research we analyse the results and report back to you the information you need to know.


Cultural Intelligence offers a range of training programs for organisations including:

  • managing multicultural teams
  • cultural awareness
  • cultural competency
  • marketing strategies

Managing multicultural teams and cultural competency education have been designed for managers and the programs equip leaders to promote cultural intelligence in the workplace.

Our cultural awareness course is appropriate for all personnel and will be of particular benefit to employees in direct customer service rolls.

The marketing strategies course for both marketing managers and sales and customer service personnel working with people from diverse backgrounds.

For all industries, we adapt out tested programs and tailor them to your organisation.

For our key industries, we create bespoke training programs to meet your specific needs

Key Industries

Cultural Intelligence also offers tailored training programs for organisations or individuals who wish to engage with Asian communities in Australia or overseas.

Other services

At Cultural Intelligence our mission is to help people communicate, collaborate and succeed across cultural barriers, in all areas of life.

In addition to our key service, we offer tailored cultural orientation services for businesses and individuals. Our specialty is Asia and we tailor our services to help you meet your goals.

Specifically we offer:

  • Cultural orientation and advice for Australian businesses reaching out to Asia or Asian Australians
  • Cultural orientation for students coming to Australia
  • Cultural orientation for business people seeking to work with Australians

In the past we have provided individual and group tuition and have covered topics from managing differing cultural values in the workplace to etiquette at the dinner table, understanding Australian sports culture and wine appreciation.

Whatever your needs, our expert team’s real world experience and academic understanding of the dimension of culture equip them to help you meet your goals.