The A+ Influencers

The A+ Influencers is a series of professional development workshops designed specifically for Asian-Australians. Through our own research Asian-Australian Leadership in Australia, it was found that Asian-Australians have complimentary skills compared to Australians, specially in areas such as solving problems. The problem is, however, Australian workplaces do not always recognise such skills as “leadership skills”.

Additionally through conversations at the 2019 Asian-Australian Leadership Summit co-convened by ANU, PwC and Asialink, we see an reoccurring theme that Asian-Australians are not seen at senior positions of leadership and influence within Australian institutions. We know that Asian-Australians are ambitions and many desire to contribute to leadership in Australian institutions, however, given the lack of recognition of their natural skills, many struggle to climb the corporate ladder and maintain their authenticity in doing so.

The optimal way is of course to change Australian institutions and invite current leaders to accept the diversity of thinking, however in order for the advocacy to succeed is likely to take decades. Hence Cultural Intelligence partnered with Beyond Story the interim to develop workshops to equip Asian-Australians with the skills to contribute and play a leadership role to that change.

Through the A+ Influencers series of workshops we aim to help Asian-Australians to master leadership skills in an Australian context the authentic way and allow Asian-Australian natural behavioural preferences to shine at the same time.

About the workshop designer

Christine Yeung is CEO and Founder of Beyond Story and a registered psychologist. She has extensive experience in organisational psychology to design and deliver evidence-based best practice development programs for leaders and staff to support strategies for organisations. To find out more about Christine, please visit here.


Whilst this series of workshops has been designed specifically to target Asian-Australians, it is NOT exclusive. Non Asian-Australians who are drawn to the workshops are welcome to join.

Next workshop details
The A+ Influencers: Influence with authenticity
Date: Wednesday 19 February, 2020
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: ANU House Melbourne, Level 11, 52 Collins St, Melbourne


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